Can I .... in Skolelinux?

  1. Can I use Windows machines on a Skolelinux network?

    • Yes, Samba runs in the 10.0.2.X Network. This is a file server system for MS Windows running on the main server (Tjener).
  2. Can I run Windows programs?

    • With Wine it is possible to run many Windows applications. However it must be admitted that they can suffer from problems with speed and full interactivity (eg Drag & Drop). With VMWare, WineX or Crossover-Office you can run a huge number of Windows applications. However the cost in time and license money is often not worth it. There are often Free replacements available and where there aren't they should be suggested to the Free Software Community.

  3. Can I use Adobe Photoshop in Linux?

    • It is generally more advisable to work with the GIMP. Photoshop can be run in VMWare and Crossover Office — but at what price? Both in licenses and resources.

  4. Can I listen to music on the thin clients?

    • Thin clients are not intended to use sound. Video and Audio are possible though. However the network bandwidth requirements are very greatly increased and you it may only be possible to serve 5-7 clients on your network. This is explained in detail on ltsp.org.