How to build WebSentinel pages for Debian Edu (and other CDDs)

?WebSentinel pages are those web pages that show the tasks of a CDD with official, unofficial and prospective packages. Currently there are five such pages:

  1. Debian Edu

  2. Debian GIS

  3. Debian Junior

  4. Debian Med

  5. Debian Science

This is now a procedure to update all these pages in one run using:

'cd /home/users/tille/webtools/webtools; ./update-all-tasks'

There is no need to do this manually any more because it is done in a cron job twice a day.

The output will regard any change that is done in the apropriate SVN with the tasks files of the CDD. The location of the SVN of the CDD tasks files is mentioned in the apropriate config file which can be found at


There are other parameters to change - just have a look on these files. You can also add an additional CDD by adding a webconf config file.

If you have no idea how to specify "prospective" packages as Debian Med has just have a look into the Debian Med tasks files.