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This page has been created in order to support possible meetings of people involved in DebianEdu, see

At the same time and place, the CDD and FAI people will also meet:

travel info

Fresh information on how to get from the airport to Merida - Quoting Cesar:


People who want attend, please write a short summary about what you want to do there to And add below a short!! summary about what you want to do.

Please state exact dates in the third column:

People attending (confirmed)



Arrival (time/place)

What do you want to do


Holger Levsen

holger bei

oct 16th / madrid

#1252, meet and discuss with people I mostly meet on IRC, drink beer or nice red wine, work on #311188 and on debian-edu CDs for lenny, hopefully debian-edu-doc is in shape by then..., learn kbabel

Daniel Hess

daniel (arroba)

9:25, 17.10, Madrid

work on bugs, help to plan and implement changes for lenny, ...


tillea (bei) gmail (punkt) com

oct 17th 11:25 arival / madrid

Building Debian-Edu packages with common CDD tools


aigarius (at)


Brushing up on CCD and d-e in preparation for new developments in LV, promo photos

José L. Redrejo

jredrejo (arroba)


deeper understanding of debian-edu development model and work on the linex roadmap

Ronny Aasen

<ronny AT skolelinux DOT no>

Flights KL1146 -> KL1705 landing 20:20 17/10 Madrid

FAI->Debian Edu, work on bugs. learn as much as possible, talk about lenny the universe and everything.


domibel att

October 17, 17:20, Madrid airport

QA and maybe work on new packages

António Amorim

By car from Lisboa on the 17th

PAIPIX and debian-science development

Petter Reinholdtsen

pere at

DY1740 landing 18:30 Madrid

Live images and server setup.

DY1743 13:30 Madrid 2007-10-21

Pablo Pita

pablo.pita at

Dainco Bus, October 17, 21:15 Merida

educational packages, support, ...



installing Gnulinex and DebianEdu with FAI - pre-Lenny versions, first - then trying to keep up with lenny development for this functionality see FAI/Extremadura2007

13:50 (flight! time, checking 45 minutes before, + queue waiting time)

Antonio Ullán

aullan at

Oct 18, Mérida

understanding of debian-edu development model and work on the linex roadmap

Christoffer Jerkeby

kugghjul at gmail dot com


Communicating with GNU/Linex developers and pinpont potential problems with running it in FAI and suggest solutions, also to build a template for the FAI-gui

People interested to attend:



will join?

What do you want to do

Patrick Winnertz

winnie (at) der-winnie (dot) de

1.10 till 16.10

work an d-e-c RC Bug

Anders Kringstad (Hanssen)

akai (at) skolelinux (dot) no

Unable to attend :\

Steffen Joeris

end of november, december (otherwise can't come)

debian-edu development


<kurt NOSPAM AT skolelinux DOT de>

not in october

political contacts, marketing

Klaus Ade Johnstad

<klaus AT skolelinux DOT no>


debian-edu development


ralf att skolelinux dot de

hardly possible (no holidays)

debian-edu development, meet José & hopefully other teachers, compare controlaula & italc