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The 3 main goals of the project are:

  • Development of the computerized teaching tool: produce a system easy to install and easy to use
  • Experimentation and evaluation: install the system in various environments to evaluate the solution on pedagogical side, but also on the economical one.
  • Pooling of teaching resources: an evolutionary tool to translate and share teaching resources existing in the country of the partners.

In this project we ask for 600 000 from EU. The partners have to provide 25% of this amount, which means that we could obtain 450 000 from EU. With this money from EU, I think we could:

  • Pay for somebody working half of his time on the project for each partner.
  • Pay for 6 meeting over 3 years (flight, accommodation, meals...)
  • Pay for an analyse of the project.
  • Pay for translation

At time we have 4 partners who wants to go for this project

  • France: Thierry Stauder and Jean Luc Ferstler coordinators of the project
  • France: Michèle Drechsler, Ministry of Education
  • Germany: Kurt Gramlich
  • Norway: Knut Yrvin

These countries were interested in the project:

  • Ireland: John Evans,
  • Emmaüs Lublin Poland,
  • Austria: Ewald Geschwinde
  • Switzerland, (but Switzerland is not in EU)
  • Belgium
  • Slovenia

We wrote a pre-proposal in english, which can be translated and given in each local agency before end of October 2006.

The best would be to be more or less 10 partners from different origins (technicians, teachers, social economy). Partners could only be an organisation, no individual persons.

Thierry French Debian-edu/skolelinux team