Translations of this document

Versions of this document fully translated into German, Italian, French and Danish are available. Incomplete translations exist for Norwegian Bokmål and Spanish. This is an online overview of all languages.

HowTo translate this document

As in many free software projects, translations of this document are kept in PO files. More information about the process can be found in /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.debian-edu-wheezy-manual-translations. The Git repository (see below) contains this file too. Take a look there and at the language specific conventions if you want to help translating this document.

To commit your translations you need to be a member of the Alioth project debian-edu. If your Alioth username differs from your local one, create or edit ~/.ssh/config. There should be an entry like:

User <your-alioth-username>

Then check out the debian-edu-doc source using ssh access: git clone git+ssh://

If you only want to translate, you just need to check out some files from from Git (which can be done anonymously) and create patches. Please file a bug against the debian-edu-doc package and attach the PO file to the bugreport. You can find some instructions on how to submit bugs here.

You can check out the debian-edu-doc source anonymously with the following command (you need to have the git package installed for this to work):

Then edit the file documentation/debian-edu-wheezy/debian-edu-wheezy-manual.$CC.po (replacing $CC with your language code). There are many tools for translating available; we suggest using lokalize.

Then you either commit the file directly to Git (if you have the rights to do so) or send the file to the bugreport.

To update your local copy of the repository use the following command inside the debian-edu-doc directory:

Read /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.debian-edu-wheezy-manual-translations to find information how to create a new PO file for your language if there isn't one yet, and how to update translations.

Please keep in mind that this manual is still under development, so don't translate any string which contains "FIXME".

Basic information about Alioth (the host where our Git repository is located) and Git is available at

If you are new to Git, look at the Pro Git book; it has a chapter on the recording changes to the repository. Also you might want to look at the gitk package that provides a GUI for Git.

Please report any problems.