HowTos for teaching and learning

All Debian packages mentioned in this section can be installed by running apt install <package> (as root).

Teaching Prolog

SWI-Prolog is an open source implementation of the programming language Prolog, commonly used for teaching and semantic web applications.

Monitoring pupils

/!\ Warning: make sure you know the status of the laws about monitoring and restricting computer users' activities in your jurisdiction.

Some schools use control tools like Epoptes or iTALC to supervise their students. See also: Epoptes Homepage and iTALC Homepage.

To get full Epoptes support, these steps are required.

# Run on a combi server (and on each additional ltsp server):
apt update
apt install epoptes
ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 apt update
ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 apt install epoptes-client
ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 apt install ssvnc
ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 sed -i 's/test -f/#test -f/' /etc/init.d/epoptes-client 
ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 sed -i 's/grep -qs/#grep -qs/' /etc/init.d/epoptes-client 
# If diskspace matters, use 'ltsp-update-image -n' instead.

Restricting pupils' network access

Some schools use Squidguard or Dansguardian to restrict Internet access.

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