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   * [http://www.debian.org/social_contract Why Debian] - and not SuSE, Ubuntu, Windows

Presentation about DebianEdu / Skolelinux

G18 Berufschue Wilhemsburg in Hamburg, Germany

by Holger Levsen licenced under the GPL v2

This page should be written completly in english, as it also serves as a documentary for the project in Prague 2007. If you find bits of german, please fix that :-)



Network setup

  • [http://developer.skolelinux.no/arkitektur/network-arch_en.png theory]

  • [http:// g18 net]

  • router (intern) and (extern) gw / no dhcp, no dns
  • tjener (extern), internal network not used, dns-, dhcp-, ldap-server, workstation
  • workstation1
  • workstation2

Coyote, a easy to use GNU/Linux router on a floppy

User Management


  • apt-get install mc/apt-cache search czech
  • (apt-key)
  • lang=C for root & avoid to work as root

  • dpkg-reconfigure locales
  • ntpdate
  • groups for sound, floppy, etc.
  • libnss-ldap / libpam-ldap problem checken

Getting help


  • take a mirror to Prague
  • subscribe to the mailinglists and post there. there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers! ;)