Presentation about DebianEdu / Skolelinux

G18 Berufschule Wilhemsburg in Hamburg, Germany

by Holger Levsen licenced under the GPL v2

These are some links I'm going to use for a Debian Edu / Skolelinux workshop.



Network setup

Coyote, an easy to use GNU/Linux router on a floppy

User Management in Sarge

but after you did so, there are still problems. you cann't log in from kde at a workstation as a user.

User Management in Etch

More tiny Details

Getting help


Skolelinux in class and other interesting stuff


quoting Lars Risan: EU has financed an economic research program into Fre/Libre/Open Source Software ("FLOSS"). The final report is out (as announced at Slashdot and elsewhere). Extremadura is one of the cases in the report. People on this list will certainly learn a lot more about the case by talking to José and others, but the report may be used as a "heavy" political argument. The main report is not an easy read, it is extremely dry, and propped with numbers. The sub-report describing the cases is more easily informative.

I just also have to mention the case of Beaumont Hospital, from the report, the largest hospital in Ireland. After spending a lot of wasted money on the "Y2K-bug" they experienced a dramatic budget cut on ICT:

600.000 € of the 1.6 million covered annual licenses. So the ICT-staff re-educated itself to do "FLOSS", spending half-a-year on that process, and they searched the FLOSS-world and found 1) fully working FLOSS-alternatives or 2) ways to develop solutions themselves. They were thus able to replace most of their applications and operating systems with Open Source alternatives. (They only had to keep Windows on the desktops, "because the Phd-students denied to use Star Office" -- and Microsoft cut their license-fees by 80%).

Read more here: Case Report:

Full, final report:

This page should be written completly in english, as it also serves as a documentary for the project in Prague 2007. If you find bits of german, please fix that :-)