Rosegarden timer is unstable

If this is happening you could try to change the sequencer timer source.


how to change tempo in Rosegarden

That can be done several ways, I'm gonna show you the one I think is the best to use. if you right click on the line you see right under 120, the menu for tempo change will pop up.


The menu is as follows:

  1. Insert Tempo Change
  2. Insert Tempo Change at Playback Position
  3. Delete Tempo Change
  4. Ramp Tempo to Next Tempo
  5. Un-ramp Tempo
  6. Edit Tempo
  7. Edit Time Signature...
  8. Open Tempo And Time Signature Editor

Insert Tempo Change

If you right click on the line there you want the tempo change, let's say with number 3, and then chose 'Insert Tempo Change' a dot with number 3 will shown up. And then left click and hold down after number 3, you can easy change tempo only by drag up and down.


Insert Tempo Change at Playback Position

This simply make a tempo change there you are positions on the song.


Ramp Tempo to Next Tempo

this is nice to use if you want a gradient tempo change, or reduce.


Edit Tempo

here you simply manually can type in what tempo you want, this is the best to use if you are after a special tempo, the drag functions are good to, but not so precise.


Edit Time Signature

this give you the possibility to change the beat on you melody, on my example, I have started up the song with 4/4 beat, and after the tempo change I have changed the song to 3/4 beat (wals).


Open Tempo And Time Signature Editor


With this you manually can go into all you tempo change and beat change, and change to your liking

how to turn of metronome click


and the after you have done a successfully record of you midi song, you can add on some singing, real guitars, and so on, you have to be creative.:)

Music made with rosegarden

Here you have and example of music piece that have been made on rosegarden, I have got a friend of mine to play guitars.

arr/melody: Alf Tonny Bätz. Guitarist: Bjørn Nygård

Mp3 version

Midi version