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== Configuring Swami to use Jack ==


Challenge your self, or your students to go out in the nature, or just find a sound to make it in use with rosegarden. to achieve this you can take in use Swami (aptituse install swami) there are something you have to be aware of, after you have installed swami, at this moment the swami do not add a menu entry in multimedia, this I hope some day will be fixed, but until that day you have to start swami in console, or pres ALT + F2 and type swami.

Swami have a nice GUI and looks like this:


Swami at this moment are under devlopment, so the version you have to use is abit old, but it works. The swami projekt can you take a look at here: http://swami.resonance.org/trac

Configuring Swami to use Jack