how to change, edit, improve a recorded midi segment

When you have play some part in the segment, will there always be something you want to correct up. So instead of play everything from start again, you have many possibility to change and edit everything to the better. First I'm gonna introduce you to the use of the Matrix Editor.



Grid Quantize

This functions have several possibility, after a played segment you sometime miss the beat, here is where the Grid Quantize comes in the picture. It's usefully to get note right on the beat automatically.


To use this the right way, can save you from a lot of work. You have to try out different way, there are always the possibility to undo the quantize if not goes as intended. So there is only just to try again with a different setting on the base grid unit. You have to try out different setting, and you will find one that fits you needs best. There are many possibility.

Legato Quantizer

with this you with one keystroke change a staccato played part to legato.

Heuristic notation quantizer

and other Quantizer that you will find usefully are heuristic notation quantizer. This help you to make your played note to the right length. This is mostly used to fixing up on the notations preview. And make the note more easy to read for the musician.


As you can see have this method, changed the length on the note to right length for and 16 note, and that should be played staccato. And that will changed notations to the better in the Score Editor.

Number 1 show you how the notations was before Quantize, and number 2 is after. Number 2 are more easy for the musician to read then number 1. And at the same time is number 1 more confusing with 32 quanted notes, and some different rest note. Number 2 is more clean, and will at mostly be played the way I intended it to be played. There is one thing that it's sound great on midi, but if you want public your notations to orchestra, band, you have to take you time and clean up your notes. That was and short introductions to use of Matrix edit.