Note edit

Note edit are a powerful edit tool to make you notations ready for pianist, orchestra, band, you have the tool to make different marks thats tell the musician what he should do, how fast, how hard, how soft, tempo changes and more. I gonna introduce you to some of the features with the note edit. The fist picture is before:


you see a clean notations, there is noting that tells what you want how the notes should be played. After I have worked with the notations, here is the result:


Now I have got what speed, hardiness the notations should be played with. At the same time I have change the note to bind together, I also change the note length in the matrix editor to eight-note, so it would be easier for the pianist to read, but the piece will still actually be played as I want it to with a better success, and the notations take less space. Let us see closer how I got this marks in the notations.

howto get specifications in the notations editor


This guide show you how to set in usefully informations to the musician how you compositions should be played, Tempo, volume and what accord. That only a part of this tool, there are still much more. The picture show you how to make the note bind together, and how to put a crescendo, decrescendo on the notations.


If you look at the right menu, there are many possibility to improve the informations on the notations, the only thing you have to remember is to mark those note this info should be apart of.


If you look on the left menu, you can put manually note, rest on you notations, you can also change the clef on the notations, below you see how.

how to change clef


How to change key


how to change note volume on a recorded segment.


How to make the note play after your inserted marks in score editor

Take in use the Interpret functions

Interpret functions in the score editor

when you play on the synth/keyboard, specially when you want to play in a low volume (piano) this are not always easy, have the same note hardiness on your accord, or you just want the music to play piano where it is piano, and forte where there is forte. You can put in those mark on the notations, and when you are finish with put in all the marks on your notations, and by right click in the score editor, and choose the "interpret" rosegarden will change the velocities, and notations play after the marks you have put on your notations.

How to split segment for grand staff

It is not possible yet, to display a piano segment in a dual system (grand staff).

Setting notes manually, and step recording

There are 2 ways to put note in score editor, first way is the manually putting notes.


And you have the Step recording, that one is my favorite. And it could be a nice way for the student to learn what note and what key on the synth/keyboard the student have to push to get the note.