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[:DebianEdu/Documentation/Manuals/Rosegarden/Translations:Translations] are part of the {{{debian-edu-doc}}} package, which can be [http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/debian-edu-doc/ installed on a webserver]. [[DebianEdu/Documentation/Manuals/Rosegarden/Translations|Translations]] are part of the {{{debian-edu-doc}}} package, which can be [[http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/debian-edu-doc/|installed on a webserver]].

Rosegarden manual

This is a manual for rosegarden, based on the 1:1.4.0-1 version from the Debian Edu Etch 3.0 release.

This document was put into the debian-edu-doc package on $DEBIAN_EDU_DOC_BUILDDATE.

The version at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Manuals/Rosegarden is a wiki and updated frequently.

Translations are part of the debian-edu-doc package, which can be installed on a webserver.