Doing some recording

First thing to remember when you do a recording, is that you are careful that the record volume settings, not set to loud. It's better to have to low setting rather to loud on this.


And when you have recorded what you want, you can normalize the recording so the volume automatically set right volume on the record without any danger of have part of the sound overdriven.


And after you have normalized the recorded segment, it looks like this:


Now the volume on this recorded segment is corrected. This is a better way to be sure that the record you have done not are overdriven, so have to Low setting and afterwards let audacity fix the volume on it.

Now we want to remove noise from the record, maybe some background hiss from your microphone. So first part is to make a "noise profile" of what you want to remove from your recorded segment.

1. First zoom out so you more clearly can see the recording.


2. Then mark what you want to make a profile of. Buy left click on mouse and hold down on the segment, and drag. You mark the zone you need to get the profile of.


3. Then choose that you want to use Noise removal.


4. Then Create "noise profile".


5. Then you choose the whole record by clicking CTRL + A, and choose noise removal again from menu, but this time press OK.

Then if you want to add some reverb, other nice effects to your liking, you just search the big menu that is available after you installed the plugins I recommended.

You have several way to export your finished result. You can export it as WAV, AIFF MP3, OGG, FLAC, just choose export in the file menu.