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== Selection tool ==
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== Zooming tool ==
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== Envelope Tool ==

Importing Audio

With audacity you can import audio that is Audio, Midi, Labels, Raw Data. You can directly import Mp3 files into the project, and mixing different song together in audacity

Let me give you example.

First my main song "smurfesangen", and then you can import for mixing, one another song, just choose in the meny --> file

> Import Audio, then the newly importet audio will come under your first audio, the posibility to mixing here is huge.


Selection tool

To split the audio so you can move part of it you have to first with the selection tool, choose where you want to cut it. And then with "ctrl + I" split it. And then with time shift tool you can move the segment.


Zooming tool

With the Zooming tool you can zoom into the audio segment and then with the draving tool manipulateing the audio


Envelope Tool

With the envelope tool you can manipulate the volume bye decrease and increase volume wherever you are on the segment