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FIXME: Is there a more convenient way? FIXME: Is there a more convenient way?

HowTos for users

Changing passwords

Every student should use the shorcut on their Desktop, which should point to something like https://ldap/lwat/chguserpw.php?username=$(id -un). (On Windows they have to manually put in their username.)

Using lwat to change their password, ensures that linux (userPassword) and samba (sabmaNTPassword and smbaLMPassword) passwords are the same.

Changing the sound volume

On local machines, which are workstations and LTSP servers, and diskless workstations, kmix works as usual. alsamixer can also be used to change the sound volume.

On thin clients, pavucontrol works, and so does alsamixer but kmix does not work at all.

Internal mail delivery with KMail

FIXME: Is there a more convenient way?

This paragraph describes how to configure KMail as mail client. You should be able to send and receive mails within the internal skole-network. First, start KMail and skip the wizard ("Cancel"). Open the configuration-window and enter your identity (username and mail-address: username @ postoffice.intern). Now move on to "Accounts" and there choose the "Sending"-tab. Add SMTP, host is "tjener". default port 25. Do not forget to enter "postoffice.intern" as default domain and click "Apply". Send a mail to yourself now (username @ postoffice.intern) to make sure your directory on the imap-server is created.

After that, add a new IMAP account under the "Receiving"-tab. Enter your username and password, the host is again "tjener". Switch to the "Security"-tab and click on "Check What the Server Supports". Click "Continue" in the warning about the missing server certificate and accept that forever. Go back to the "General"-tab. Port should be 993 now. Click "Ok" and check if the mail to yourself is there. :)