Grub configuration

Skolelinux 5 (Lenny version)

How to remove tjener's bootsplash

First log as root, then open with your favorite text editor (vi, nano...) the file menu.lst. You can find it in /boot/grub/.

You should make a backup of your menu.lst. It's more safer.

Go to the line 62, the text at this should be : # kopt=root=/dev/mapper/vg_system-root ro. If it's not at this line, you should look for it.

Add at the end of this line quiet and nosplash to remove the bootsplash when your server or your workstation starts.

You should have after the modification : # kopt=root=/dev/mapper/vg_system-root ro quiet nosplash

Save your modifications and lauch the command :

# update-grub

In order to apply the modifications.

You can restart your system to test the modifications.

How to remove thinclient's bootsplash

Log as root and open with your favorite text editor the file : /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default

Add at the end of the line nosplash, then save and test.