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 * New tool Desktop-autoloader. It allows performance improvements for LTSP diskless clients. See the [[DebianEdu/Documentation/Buster/HowTo/NetworkClients#Desktop_autoloader|NetworkClients]] chapter for more information.

New features in Debian Edu Buster

New features for Debian Edu 10+edu0 Codename Buster

Installation changes

  • New version of debian-installer from Debian Buster, see its installation manual for more details.

  • New artwork based on the futurePrototype theme, the default artwork for Debian 10 Buster.

  • New default desktop environment Xfce (replacing KDE).
  • New CFEngine configuration management (replacing unmaintained package cfengine2 with cfengine3); this is a major change, for details see the official CFEngine documentation.

  • The architecture of the LTSP chroot now defaults to the server one.

Software updates

  • Everything which is new in Debian 10 Buster, eg:
    • Linux kernel 4.19
    • Desktop environments KDE Plasma Workspace 5.14, GNOME 3.22, Xfce 4.12, LXDE 0.53, MATE 1.20
    • Firefox 60.4 ESR and Chromium 72.0
    • LibreOffice 6.1

    • Educational toolbox GCompris 0.95
    • Music creator Rosegarden 18.12
    • GOsa 2.74
    • LTSP 5.18
    • Debian Buster includes more than 57000 packages available for installation.

Documentation and translation updates

  • Translation updates for the templates used in the installer. These templates are now available in 76 languages, of which 31 are fully translated. The profile choice page is available in 29 languages, of which 19 are fully translated.
  • The Debian Edu Buster Manual is fully translated to German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål and Japanese.
    • Partly translated versions exist for French, Danish, Polish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Ukranian.

Other changes compared to the previous release

  • The USB ISO image can be used for offline installations again.
  • New school level related meta-packages education-preschool, education-primaryschool, education-secondaryschool and education-highschool are available. None of them is installed by default.

  • Some packages rather belonging to preschool or primaryschool level (like gcompris-qt, childsplay, tuxpaint or tuxmath) are no longer installed by default.

  • Site specific modular installation. It is now possible to install only those educational packages that are actually wanted. See the installation chapter for more information.

  • Site specific multi-language support. See the Desktop chapter for more information.

  • LXQt 0.14 is offered as a new choice for the desktop environment.
  • New GOsa²-Plugin Password Management.

  • Unusable options have been removed from the GOsa² web interface.
  • New netgroup available to exclude systems belonging to the shut-down-at-night-hosts netgroup from being woken up.

  • New tool Standardskriver (Default printer). See the Administration chapter for more information.

  • New tool Desktop-autoloader. It allows performance improvements for LTSP diskless clients. See the NetworkClients chapter for more information.

  • Improved TLS/SSL support inside the internal network. A RootCA certificate is used to sign server certificates and user home directories are configured to accept it at account creation time; besides Firefox ESR, also Chromium and Konqueror can now use HTTPS without the need to allow insecure connections.
  • Kerberized ssh. A password isn't needed anymore for connections inside the internal network; root needs to run kinit first to enable it.

  • Kerberized NFS. It is now possible to use more secure home directory access, see the Administration chapter for more information.

  • Added configuration file /etc/debian-edu/pxeinstall.conf with examples to make site specific changes easier.

  • Added configuration file /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf with examples to make site specific changes easier.

  • With X2Go server now available in Debian, the related packages are now installed on all systems with Profile LTSP-Server.

  • Support for running Java applets in the Firefox ESR browser has been dropped upstream.
  • Support for nonfree flash has been dropped from the Firefox ESR browser. We have also decided to drop the free but unmaintained gnash implementation.

Known issues