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 * The "Thin-Client-Server" profile has been renamed to "LTSP-Server" profile.

New features in Debian Edu Buster

New features for Debian Edu 10+edu0 Codename Buster

Known issues

Installation changes

  • New version of debian-installer from Debian Buster, see its installation manual for more details.

  • New artwork based on the "soft Waves" theme, the default artwork for Debian 10 Buster.

Software updates

  • Everything which is new in Debian 10 Buster, eg:
    • Linux kernel XXX
    • Desktop environments KDE Plasma Workspace XXX, GNOME XXX, Xfce XXX, LXDE XXX, MATE XXX
      • KDE Plasma Workspace is installed by default; to choose one of the others see this manual.
    • Firefox XXX ESR and Chromium XXX
    • LibreOffice XXX

    • Educational toolbox GCompris XXX
    • Music creator Rosegarden XXX
    • GOsa XXX
    • LTSP XXX
    • Debian Buster includes more than XXX packages available for installation.

Documentation and translation updates

  • Translation updates for the templates used in the installer. These templates are now available in XXX languages.
  • The Debian Edu Buster Manual is fully translated to German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål and Japanese.
    • Partly translated versions exist for Spanish, Polish and Simplified Chinese.

Other changes compared to the previous release

  • Support for running Java applets in the Firefox ESR browser has been dropped upstream.
  • Support for nonfree flash has been dropped from the Firefox ESR browser. We have also decided to drop the free but unmaintained gnash implemenation.
  • FIXME: describe other changes compasred to Stretch here.