The Dev Camp has been declared as a preparation meeting for a Minerva EU Project. What does that mean? It means that EU paying the traveling bills for persons from other contries than France. So e.g Norwegians can get the travelling costs paid for from the EU system. The same for Germans, but not the French developers (They're the welcoming country). The meeting is to write a larger application for founding the Skolelinux effort in Europe.

Minerva Action seeks to promote European co-operation in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in education.

More information on the Minerva website

What does the developers have to do to get the expenses paid? The thing developers from every country have to do, is to apply for coverage of the travelling costs and accomodations in their own country. The application has to explain and show that this meeting is real. You can't apply for your self. The application has too be sent as a group. So the application has to be coordinated in each country, with the group that is traveling. Or else, we have to pay the trip by our self. An example of an application letter (in Norwegian and English):


What you have to do is to contact your national agency to declare that you come to participate to this meeting and in the minerva project after ...

/!\ Again the funding of travell cost has to be asked by an organisation, for example: Fsub for Germany, Slxlabs for Norway ...

These informations are what you need to declare to your local agency:

Project name: Skolelinux

Project summary: This project has 3 main goals:

Welcoming group:

Meeting dates: from 08 july to 15 jully 2006

Location: Musée de la mine - Carreau Wendel - 57540 Petite Rosselle

Contact at the French agency:

(Your local agency will want to check is the meeting you claim money for exists, for that they can contact this person in france)

- In Norway Knut Yrvin takes the responsibiliy to send the applications. Time limit 10. june. The application has to be sendt before the trip to the planing meeting in France 8. july in 2006