aKademy 2006 Coordination

If you have suggestions, comments or intention to participate, please feel free to use this page or conctact christian.kuelker@cipworx.org


* Debian-Edu/Skolelinux - KDE in the tough school environment


The Bof session will have the purpouse to to discuss about the strategy of KDE-Edu for the upcoming major KDE release, KDE 4.

The presence of ChristianKuelker will be a way for KDE-Edu to hear about what a Linux distro for education could need from KDE and KDE-Edu, and about the projects DebianEdu is starting (or has started already) that could be integrated directly in upstream, ie KDE-Edu. If you have any idea, opinion or comment about this, please note it below or in the BoF page in the KDE wiki, thanks -- Pino