Entrance ramps for free software in schools

At K-12 Open Minds Conference in Indianapolis it was suggested to share information on how to start with free software in schools. Mike Huffman who is special assistant of technology in the US state of Indiana suggested entrance ramps for schools, explaining how to introduce free software in schools.

There are several experience reports made on large installations of free software in European schools. Governmental Educational authorities in Norway and Extramedura state government in Spain has founded experience reports. There are made a variety of documentation for teaching with computers in different courses in Spain, Germany and France. This documentation is written in native languages as Spanish, France, German and Norwegian. We should make relevant documentation available for the English speaking world.

Some reports are already made available en English. Other documentation is not yet translated. This page is made for coordinating what should be translated, selecting documentation relevant for schools and educational authorities.

Documentation already available in English

Experiences from the Use of Skolelinux: Use of OpenSource Software at Four Norwegian Schools

FLOSS deployment in Extremadura, Spain

Experiences with CDD's: Centrally managed Skolelinux installations at many schools

Candidates for translation

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possible future Projects