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The Linux distribution SkoleLinux is based heavily on Debian and DebianEdu work (or to credit rightfully: the DebianEdu work is a distilled result of work done in the SkoleLinux community!).

But SkoleLinux moves in an own pace, so some packages are newer than officially released in Debian, some are older, and some are adjusted a bit for special SkoleLinux needs.

Bugs should be filed against the Debian BTS when appropriate, to minimize the coordination needed to resolve.

Some Debian maintainers love feedback, even from external derived use of their packages. Others want only to deal strictly with Debian.

When in doubt, file a bug against the SkoleLinux Bugzilla and let DebianEdu move it around as needed.

When reporting bugs on Debian BTS, that are relevant for Skolelinux, it's a good idea to tag them with our Skolelinux usertag That makes them much easier to track. You can tag a bug with our usertag by sending a email to with contents like this

usertag 123456 + debian-edu

You can tag multiple bugs in each email by just adding usertag lines.

You can also usertag bugs when you create them, by adding headers like this:

Usertags: debian-edu

German Version is here

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