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= Why? =

'''Why consider Skolelinux?'''

== Skolelinux has several advantages: ==

 * First and foremost, Skolelinux is ''free software''. This is ethically important for schools. School should not be an arena where piracy is accepted or encouraged, but a place that promotes the making and sharing of knowledge. Skolelinux respects this need.
 * Skolelinux gives great economical savings. Teleplan, an independent agency, has [[attachment:teleplan_03112003.pdf;|estimated]] (report available in Norwegian only) savings up to 60% by using Skolelinux with thin clients, compared to a traditional Windows solution. These savings are mainly due to ''eased maintenance'', and ''not'' because Skolelinux has zero cost
 * Skolelinux is part of Debian, and as such, is supported by a large and vibrant community. This means lots of momentum, development, and a guarantee that Skolelinux will be around in years to come.
 * By enabling reuse of old equipment, Skolelinux helps save the environment. Instead of trashing old hardware, it can be used as thin clients.
 * Skolelinux is very stable and reliable. The students will experience predictability and a system that ''works''. Additionally, Skolelinux is less vulnerable to worms and viruses.
 * Skolelinux is made by schools for schools. Thus, Skolelinux is tailored to school needs.
 * Skolelinux makes the users independent of supplier, and can decide themselves when to upgrade both hardware and software.
 * Skolelinux has user-friendly licences that give you ''rights'' – not ''responsibilities''!