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 * weight RBL lists, and set cut-off level

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An attempt to categorize what the current mail setup does for Debian, and a wishlist for new features.

Current infrastructure

Standard alias file/role account handling

Different handling for different subdomains (e.g., the PTS has a header check that no other domain has, popcon is much more lenient about accepting mail with bad envelope senders, etc)

User settable per-user greylisting, RBL lookups, etc

User controlled forwarding, with different behavior depending on local_part_suffix (eg, user-foo@debian.org is handled differently than user@debian.org)

Virtual domain support - per domain alias file/user/group/etc settings

bsmtp mail - should we keep this? Do people use it? It seems like this should be replaced by the more generic virtual domain handling.

Several anti-spam measures, but discussing the specifics here is probably not that useful.

$package@packages.debian.org forwards to the maintainer of the package and $package_contact@pts


  • AUTH based relay?
  • RSA sig based relay?
  • mail hub/spoke architecture?
  • Mail Admins Group
  • weight RBL lists, and set cut-off level