Debian is a distribution, it is made of many thousands of (free) software :

  1. Each software provides has its own documentation ([#progs-docs more below]).
  2. Debian has some own documentation too ([#debian-docs more below]).

  3. At the bottom of the page, there are some pointers if you want to contribute improvement to documentation ([#contribute more below]).



Programs documentations

Under Debian (Unix), a program's documentation typically consist of (one or more of):


Debian Documentation

The most famous for Debian users are :

Many other Debian Documentation are available at []

At the moment, Debian don't have a System Administrtor manual. However, there are some books about Debian, see: [].

Most documentation for Debian-developer (and package maintainer) are available from []


Contribute to documentation

Most of the Debian Documentation is available at