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  • This manual describes procedures and resources for Debian maintainers. It describes how to become a new developer, the upload procedure, how to handle our bug tracking system, the mailing lists, Internet servers, etc.
    This manual is thought as a reference manual for all Debian developers (newbies and old pros).


A Debian developer (DD) is a Debian Project member, who has gone through the Debian New Maintainers process and had their application accepted.

After six month a Debian Developer can decide to become a Application Manager.


Vocabulary used in this page :

Advocating a Debian Developer

A Debian Developer should only advocate a Debian Maintainer if they are familiar with the candidate's existing work in Debian and believe it to be of a suitable standard both technically and socially.

The Advocate must check the application of the Applicant

Becoming a Debian Developer

Steps required to become a Debian Developer

step 1 : Application

First read read the Applicant's Checklist and the application page.

Before applying to the Debian New Maintainers process :

step 2 : Work with the Application Manager

step 3 : Account creation

Then you will have to wait for


A few resources

Information about Debian Developers