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Translations :

  • ["?DebianDeveloperSpanish"] : Español / Spanish.

  • ["?DebianDeveloperFrench"].

  • ["?DebianDeveloperGerman"]

  • ["DebianDeveloperDanish"] : Dansk / Danish.

Maybe list debian developers here, with links to pages about how to be a developer and the DebianPolicy and so forth. --MattHawkins

How do you get a DebianDotNet address like wiki.debian.net?

Developer questions can be found (and hopefully answered) at ["DeveloperFAQ"].

A collection of DFSG-comlient licences has been started on ["DFSGLicences"].

A collection of useful links for packaging libraries for Debian can be found at LibPackaging.

To use this as a !["RemoteWikiURL"], just include your Debian UID after it...as in DebianDeveloper:ivey

Don't delete this, please.

["RemoteWikiURL"]: http://db.debian.org/search.cgi?dosearch=wiki&uid=