This page is up to date in April 2020, it is suggested to the Applicant to exert caution and trust in priority the New Member website.

Identification of the Applicant

An applicant to the "Debian Developer, uploading" or the "Debian Developer, non-uploading" must possess a OpenPGP Key meeting the following requirements:

  1. the key should be type RSA and version 4 or greater
  2. the key should have the sign, certify and encrypt capabilities (subkeys are encouraged)
  3. the primary cryptographic material should be at least 4096 bits
  4. the UIDs should be signed by at least two existing Debian members (1 for DM applications)
  5. pseudonyms or anonymity are acceptable in certain circumstances
  6. the key should be able to be linked to a real-world identity

The Applicant can check their OpenPGP Key status through .

This step requires a validation from Front Desk which is done as soon as the key meets the requirements.

How can I get my OpenPGP key signed?

Here are several ways to find a Debian member for a key exchange. You should try them in the order listed below:

  1. Announcements of key signing parties are usually posted on the debian-devel mailing list, so check there first.
  2. You can look for developers in specific areas through the key signing coordination page:

    • First you should check the list of key signing offers for a Debian member near you.
    • If you cannot find a Debian member among the key signing offers, you can register your key signing request.
  3. If no one has reacted to your request for several weeks, send an e-mail to telling them exactly where you live (plus naming some big cities close to you), then they can check in the developer database for developers who are near you.

Once you find someone to sign your key, you should follow the steps in the Keysigning Mini-HOWTO.

It is recommended that you also sign the Debian Developer's key. This is not necessary for your ID check but it strengthens the web of trust.

I can't get my key signed by two Developers

Some Applicant may be in parts of the world where having the steps mentioned above done is hard. In such a case, please the Front Desk via email.