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"We recognize that there are only two important classes of users: the novice, and the expert" Thats sad. What about expert users that wants to get things done without learning the syntax of yet another configuration file?

Learning how to use ipfwadm was fun, because it taught me much about the Linux firewall implementation. Lerning ipchains was not fun, but not hard since I knew ipfwadm. I have never tried to learn iptables options. Why should I waste time on yet another implementation when firewall builder has such a great gui?

2003/03/24 14:33 UTC (via web):


Michel Nolard

Wacky ideas from a newbie

Dominic Amann

In regards to system configuration

Another option might be to integrate system tools such as the ones from Red Hat (which are really the most complete I've used--the <a href="">Morphix Project</a> appears to be trying to port these to Debian or the newly GPL'ed ["YaST2"] (which I understand is good).

Keep up the good work guys. . .