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What is Debian Desktop Marlin?

The idea of Marlin is to provide a Debian Pure Blend for non-technical users. Users which may try GNU/Linux or need an operating system which provides a set of basic software out-of-the-box.


I think it would be nice that the Debian Project provides a solution for non technical persons. When a friend will ask me Which GNU/Linux should I try? I would like to say: Debian GNU/Linux

Currently, I think it's possible, but the new users will need a lot of support.

Why not just extends the existing "Debian desktop environment"?

I think we have to separate two kinds of needs:

I think it's not a good idea to extend the current tasks with more packages. Maybe keep them "light" and focused on the desktop environment / window manager as it is. Instead of extending those, we should build some more "Desktops" on top based on those tasks.

An similar approach has been done by the live-tasks by adding cups, bash-auto-completion, reportbug,...

Another example is "DebianJr" which will hopefully provide a Junior-Desktop environment for children, soon. It's also a Debian Desktop, but there are different requirements.

The idea of Marlin is not to build the Debian Desktop. Marlin would be one Debian Desktop.

More than an environment

To provide a system to the users, we need more than just provide an "Desktop / Window manager". The system should work more or less out-of-the-box and provide the users some help. The user should not install all system tool / services. It should already be done by our experience.

What is missing:


Why xfce?

I think xfce is nice, provides nice features and is a light environment. Why not ;-)

What is (will be / should be) included?



Create a PDF document as "Welcome" document.


Files and scripts to configure the desktop.


Applications to help the user to configure / maintain the system.


Example / Proof of Concept

It's already working :)

Installing Marlin via tasksel

Marlin Task

Marlin Task

Login screen via lightdm

Marlin Task


Marlin Task

Tweaks Application

Marlin Task