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1. All desktop environments must achieve all following requirements using a single toolkit.

2. Graphical configuration tools must provide means to configure:

  • Screen Resolution, color depth, and refresh rate via RandR extensions.
  • Internationalization Settings
  • Kernel Modules

3. Programs must be packaged to perform the following tasks:

  • Browse Files and Folders
  • Browse the Web
  • Check E-mail

4. The desktop environment should perform the following tasks without any additional software:

  • Browse Samba and NFS shares.
  • Establish Samba and NFS shares.

5. All applications should have the same widget look as the desktop environment. and in the future, the same menu layouts default. Desktop look must be calm, soothing, and professional (i.e. no cotton candy widgets or "loud" colors) also look at EyeCandiness (well, a misleading name that suggests lesser but nicer graphics) and its goals - EconomicGraphics

Under Section 2 - I recommend adding package and user management. Section 1 seems to imply that we use native apps for each environment. I am not sure we have recieved a consensus on this yet. - MatthewMcGuire

Under Section 3 - I have added file browsing. Some of the more minimal setups do not possess their own file browsers. - MatthewMcGuire