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Artwork requirements


Please write down a line or two about your idea.

Please add the license under which your artwork can be distributed with Debian GNU/Linux. For instance for the GPL v2+ add the line:

"Copyright: year, your full name <email@domain>, License: GPL-2.0+"

Technical requirements

A theme consists of a whole set of graphics. You do NOT need to do them all until a decision has been made which artwork will be distributed with the next release of Debian GNU/Linux.

But you should know that all these graphics have to be done at some point - and you should be willing to do them.

The finally submitted artworks must be in a source format that is suitable for future modifications using free software.

Debian logo with text

The Debian logo has been relicensed since Wheezy. So you are welcome to use the swirl with or without the word "debian", written in the font "Poppl Laudatio Condensed" with a red dot for the "i".

Boot Screen

Debian Installer

Desktop Wallpaper

Login Screen

A picture that can be used by GDM 3, KDM and other desktop managers.

Other images

Gamma: Please gamma-correct all this artwork. 0.45 (not 2.2).

If you want to get inspired how a theme can look like, see: