Debian Installer theme should contain also a gtk theme (no engine needed, many icons can be dropped), not only the upper bar-image.

Ideas from Andre L.R.Ferreira

Upper bar-image

GTK theme

[Eddy Petrişor] is a nice theme (GPL licensed) that blends better with the colours proposed for Etch - this could be used in Debian Installer



with Gnome Icons and #3 upper bar

[Andre L.R.Ferreira] About the icons, how many icons can I use?

[Eddy Petrișor] Only 2 icons will be used: one for error and one for notification... look in the stripped Bladr theme which is already stripped for this purpose.

[Eduardo Silva] Andre, I think the graphics you've done are beautifull. I'll be having a try on making these two icons to match your look. You may already have started doing them (?), and I don't want to impose any of them on you or on debian. Anyway, as soon as I have something to show, I'll post them here, for comments.

[FJP] Note that the upper right corner of the banner area can be used for a text with variable length, so this area should be left free. An example of this can be seen if the installer is started in "rescue mode".

P.S.-Perhaps the wiki is not the best place to chat, where is it happening for the artwork?

Other Idea edit Valessio Brito

UP Bar