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||[[DebianArt/Themes/Simple|{{attachment:DebianArt/Themes/Simple/thumb.png}}]]||'''[[DebianArt/Themes/Simple|Simple]]''' - Simple, Solid and Minimal, just like the debian installation || ||[[DebianArt/Themes/Simple|{{attachment:DebianArt/Themes/Simple/thumb.png}}]]||'''[[DebianArt/Themes/Simple|Simple]]''' - Simple, Solid and Minimal, just like the Debian installation ||
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||[[DebianArt/Themes/BlueFire|{{attachment:DebianArt/Themes/BlueFire/thumb.png}}]]||'''[[DebianArt/Themes/BlueFire|BlueFire]]''' - A nice, bright, blue wallpaper. ||  ||[[DebianArt/Themes/BlueFire|{{attachment:DebianArt/Themes/BlueFire/thumb.png}}]]||'''[[DebianArt/Themes/BlueFire|BlueFire]]''' - A nice, bright, blue wallpaper. ||

Call for proposals

Bullseye, the code name of the next Debian release, is a character from the film "Toy Story" (Bullseye)

For the next Debian release, version 11, the Debian Project will be calling for graphics and other artwork to be submitted as proposals for the look and feel of the operating system.

As with everything else in Debian, collecting artwork is a collaborative effort which Debian shares with its community. That means that you can be the one preparing the Bullseye Artwork!

This wiki page will collects proposals and submissions from the Debian community and you're encouraged to add here your own proposal.

  • Deadline for submission: 2020-10-15
  • Review period: 2020-10-21 to 2020-11-05

Submit your proposal

  1. Read the requirements and wait for the call for proposals.

  2. Create a wiki page with your proposal/artwork: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes.

  3. When done, add your proposal/artwork to this page

  4. For meetings and exchanging ideas and concepts there is the #debian-desktop channel on irc.oftc.net and the http://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop mailing list. The more the interaction, the better! There will be a voting process for designs submitted so it is highly recommended that you keep up with the mailing list and IRC channel discussions to monitor if your proposal gets selected.

Template for adding a theme under "Submitted proposals":

||[[DebianArt/Themes/YourTheme|{{attachment:DebianArt/Themes/YourTheme/thumb.png}}]]||'''[[DebianArt/Themes/YourTheme|Your Theme]]''' - single line description||

Submitted proposals


gradientMotion - A theme incorporating ideas surrounding the concept behind bullseye.


MOSA Theme - Hello Debian community, this is my theme proposal for Bullseye XI, I hope you enjoy :-)


Pacific_Stallion - My design for Bullseye - enjoy it!


Mane - a warm theme with a friendly creature


Bucefalo Theme - Hello Debian community, this is my 2nd theme proposal for Bullseye XI, I hope you enjoy too :-)


Change - A theme based on these changing times and a planetary 'bullseye'


Hex - Hexagon design provides an interesting wallpaper to look at


Homeworld - Bauhaus inspired theme


MotherAndFather - Wallpaper for Debian 11.


Horseshoe - A theme featuring Bullseye's horseshoe


Droplets - A simple and clean droplet theme.


Target - Taking "Bullseye" literally


Simple - Simple, Solid and Minimal, just like the Debian installation


non-distracting-mode - Everything is so .. gray and square.


BlueFire - A nice, bright, blue wallpaper.