This article is the start pointing for coordinating the effort to have good official artwork for next releases on the Debian Desktop.

General Ideas

The artwork should be pleasant, yet unintrusive. Ideally, it should work well with the default user interface of the three major desktops: GNOME, KDE and Xfce; but there's also room for more generic Debian related artwork like t-shirts, labels, system sounds and screenshots.

To this end, we need screenshots of the default theme for those desktops for artists to base their work on. Artwork should consist of a coherent set of boot splash, display manager background/theme, icons, login splash, desktop background and logout dialogs.

Further targets are specific application splash screens like's, gimp's etc., and maybe an ASCII art logo for the 'linuxlogo' package.

There could be a set of CD/DVD labels plus covers.

On the ?themes page you can access some examples and the Structure Theme .deb.


We are using the DebianArt portal to select Debian specific artwork.

DebianArt is a place for high quality artwork and themes for the Debian Desktop. The idea is use the website for contests, creating an archive of user contributed artwork that can be freely used and included in upcoming Debian releases.

view more in DebianArt.

How make, customize or change artwork

concept, free images and graphic elements.

Write your proposal on the wiki. follow the current model: Artwork requirements.

We need more people to participate in criticizing or praising his proposal, so we need to know if we are working on the right track.

FIXME: Create a topic about make package artwork or change...

Artwork Releases

Environment screenshots

Specifics Debian screenshots are in

Join us

Join us at debian-desktop mailing list.