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On this site we have information relevant to the celebration of Debian Day. This includes information about activities located at cities near you. If there is no information for your location, you are invited to create it.

The Debian Day http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/project-history/ is celebrated on August 16 of each year.

DebianDayDebConf is also a day of activities open to anyone during the yearly Debian Conference, DebConf.


?DebianDayArtwork - If you have trouble creating graphic elements, promote and publicize the event. We created a session to share this type of graphic material.


If you want to organize Debian Day for your city, we urge you to follow these instructions:

  • Select a place for the celebration that has:
    • Easy access
    • That have sufficient electrical outlets, if they want to do an install fest.
  • Sponsors: Ideally you should choose sponsors that don't have links to private products.
  • Activities: some activities that you may wish to choose include:
    • Install Fest
    • Key signing party
    • Talks about:
      • Debian
      • Free Software
  • Advertising: If you have made some art (share: ?DebianDayArtwork) for this event, share it with everybody! and put link for it here. Some examples can be t-shirts, top cd...

  • Create your Debian Day event page under the country of you're living in. If your city doesn't appear, can create the information necessary in the right space provided.
  • Open page next DebianDay2011 and share your details and links.

Debian Day by year pages