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Debian Day artwork by Juliana Krauss

About DebianDay

Debian Day is celebrated each year on August 16th.

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Countries and cities organizing a Debian Day in 2023

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Bolivia: La Paz

Brazil: Belo Horizonte

  • Quando (When): 12 de agosto de 2023 às 9:00 (a comfirmar)

  • Onde (Where): a definir

  • Atividades (What): description of the planned event

  • O que teremos (Provided): anything provided by the organisers like cake, balloons, food, drink, silly hats

  • Sugestão do que levar (Bring): anything people should bring, like food, drink, costumes, OpenPGP fingerprints, etc

  • Mais informações (More info): link to the page where people can get more information and/or discuss event

  • Divulgação (Promotion): links to mails, blog posts, tweets or other promotion done for the event.

  • Relatório (Reports): links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event.

Brazil: Maceió