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Debian 30 years artwork by Jefferson Maier

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About DebianDay

Debian Day is celebrated each year on August 16th.

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Countries and cities organizing a Debian Day in 2023

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Austria: Klosterneuburg

we are planning to celebrate the DebianDay in Klosterneuburg, Austria

  • When: 16th August, 2023, 17:00

  • Where: "Error bar" at ISTA, central building

  • What: socializing of people interested in Debian and related topics

  • Bring: yourself, and interest to meet people who are interested in Debian

Belgium: Leuven

Bolivia: La Paz

Brazil: Belo Horizonte

Brazil: Brasília

  • When: 29 de Agosto de 2023

  • Where: Sala 313 - Prédio LTDEA - Faculdade do Gama (FGA) - Universidade de Brasília (UnB)

  • What: Palestras introdutórias sobre software livre e o projeto Debian, e Festival de Instalação (Install Fest) da distribuição Debian.

  • Bring: Seu computador para instalarmos Debian :)

  • More info: Telegram Debian Brasília ou IRC: oftc #debian-bsb

Brazil: Curitiba

  • When: 19 de Agosto de 2023

  • Where: The barbers - R Mateus Leme, 5751

  • What: Confraternização para comemorar o aniversário do Projeto.

  • Bring: R$55 por pessoa feijoada por pessoa Livre. Opção por Kg também.

  • More info: Telegram Debian Curitiba ou IRC: oftc #debian-cwb

  • Reports: After event

Brazil: Maceió

  • When: 2023-08-26 - 9 a.m.

  • Where: Senai - Poço (R. Pedro Américo, 18 - Poço)

  • Registration::

  • What: Install fest, talks and desconference.

  • Schedule:

    • 9:00 - Debian Package (Daniel Pimentel)
    • 9:30 - Attacking Linux EDRs for Fun and Profit (Tiago Peixoto)
    • 10:00 - Docker: Introdução ao mundo dos containers (Baltazar)
    • 10:30 - Hardening, Debian e CIS Benchmarks (Moises)
    • 11:00 - Carreira e Software Livre em Cyber Security (Edo)
    • 11:30 - O Software Livre já pode pagar minhas contas? (Gilberto Martins)
    • 12:00 - Desconference
  • Bring: Computer, food, drink, costumes, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info:

  • Reports:

Brazil: Online

Brazil: Pouso Alegre

  • Reports: WIP

Brazil: São Carlos

Bulgaria: Varna

Czech Republic: České Budějovice

Debian 30 years artwork by Jefferson Maier, French version

France: Paris

  • When: 22 septembre 2023, 19H

  • Where: Local de l’April, 44/46 rue de l'Ouest, Paris 14e

  • What: Apéro pour fêter les 30 ans de Debian

  • Bring: Apportez quelque chose à boire et à manger pour contribuer à l’apéro, vos clefs GPG si vous souhaitez des signatures de développeurs Debian

  • More info: La capacité du local est limitée, merci de vous inscrire ici

  • Reports: {link to blog posts, social media, photos of your event}

Le fichier SVG du logo se trouve ici.

Germany: CCCamp2023

  • When: 20230816 20 CEST

  • Where: village

  • What: A party to celebrate 30 years of Debian

  • Bring: food, drinks, good mood, music, old Debian installers

  • More info: none yet

  • Reports: none yet

    Debian's 30th birthday at CCCamp 2023

India: Kochi

Iran: Tehran

  • When: Wednesday, Aug 16th (چهارشنبه، ۲۵ امرداد)

  • Where: Sheypoor بلوار نلسون ماندلا، بعد از پل همت، نبش زاگرس، پلاک ۱۱ (Map)

  • What: GNU Meetup (دورهمی گنو)

  • Bring: Your mug (optional)

  • More info:

    Debian Day 2023 Tehran

Portugal: Lamego

  • When: August 16th, 20:30

  • Where: a restaurant to be defined, in Lamego

  • What: this is a purely social celebration event: let's gather, eat, drink, chat and party - it's Debian Day!

  • Bring: yourself, a friend if you want!, money to pay for your own food/drink

  • More info: dinner location will depend on how many people sign up, and their dietary preferences or restraints. Which means you need to tell us you'll show up in advance! Please send an email to confirming your presence, until the 15th.

Lamego is a city in Viseu's district (North of Portugal). You can go there by bus from major cities. The city is served by highways: by car it is (roughly) at 1h20m from Porto, 3h30m from Lisbon, 0h45m from Viseu.

Serbia: Belgrade

South Africa: Cape Town

  • When: 16 August 2023 @ 19h00

  • Where: Woodstock Brewery

  • What: Celebrating 30 years of Debian, planning South African Local Group expansion and activities.

  • Bring: Just yourself

  • More info: IRC #debian-za

  • Reports: None yet

Türkiye: İstanbul

Türkiye: İzmir

Tarih:16th Ağustos 13.00