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Debian Day artwork by Juliana Krauss

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Debian Day is celebrated each year on August 16th.

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Countries and cities organizing a Debian Day in 2021

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Bolivia: La Paz (Debian Day x Release Party)

  • Cuándo: Este sábado 14 de Agosto, desde el mediodía.

  • Dónde: r00thouse con transmisión online en

  • Lo que habrá: Charlas random sobre Debian y software libre. Comentarios sobre el Hackmeeting 2021.

  • Trae: ¡Los snacks son bienvenidos! Trae tu laptop también. No te olvides de la bioseguridad básica.

  • Contacto: @LuisMitaHL en Telegram. Si te interesa, por favor avísanos previamente :)

Brazil: Curitiba

  • When: 16 de Agosto de 2021

  • Where: Online

  • What: TBD

  • Bring: Força de vontade e alegria de viver!

  • More info: Logo

  • Reports: Logo

Brazil: Debianópolis

Brazil: Maceio

  • When: 2021-08-16 - 7 p.m.

  • Where: On-line.

  • What: Install fest and desconference.

  • Subscription: In soon.

  • Bring: Computer, food, drink, costumes, GPG fingerprints, etc

  • More info:

  • Reports:

Chile: Santiago

Czech Republic: České Budějovice

India: Online

  • When: 14 August 2021

  • Where:

  • What: Celebration of Debian 11 Release, Installation Fest, friendly chat and other fun activities.

  • Bring: Bring as many friends as you can ;)

  • Note: The link will be updated to point to meet room on the day of the event.

México: CDMX


Sweden: Stockholm

  • When: 14th August, Saturday, 16:00-18:00

  • Where: Mosebacketerrassen : Mosebacke Torg, 116 46 Stockholm

  • What: Drinking Beers and eating food

  • Bring: Money for food/drinks

  • More info: An open area bar to keep safe distancing. We will celebrate anniversary w/ release party together. Bring your smile and a paper with your PGP keys in case you want to get it signed.

  • Reports: We will publish photos later.

Turkey: Online