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Debian Day artwork by Juliana Krauss

About DebianDay

Debian Day will be on Sunday, August 16th in 2020. It is celebrated each year on August 16th.

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Countries and cities organizing a Debian Day in 2020

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Bolivia: La Paz

  • Cuando: 14 de Agosto

  • Donde: Casa de Amos

  • Para: Celebrar el cumpleaños del mejor sistema operativo Debian

  • Habra: Charla, peliculas, comida, bebida y mas

  • Información:

  • Redes sociales: @Debiandia en twitter

Brazil: Online

Czech Republic: České Budějovice

Israel: Haifa

  • When: Monday, Aug-24 19:45–21:00 (DebConf break)

  • Where: Haifa University

  • What: Real-life meeting outside. DebConf displayed on a large screen. Birthday cake.

  • Bring: GPG keys would be nice.

  • More info: meetup page

  • Reports: