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## page was renamed from DebianDayChile2008

Debian Day at Chile, 2008

At this page you'll find useful information concerning Debian Day 2008 in Chile. Feel free to add relevant links.

In order to create pages, you must follow Debian wiki translation(s) guide. The default page should be always in English. Hence, your translated page should use the suitable country language prefix. Example: "es_CL/DebianDayChile2008Valparaiso". If it is still the only one, without a master english page yet, link it anyway. Using the language prefix, you will not preclude future translations. When an english version of event page becomes available, edit the links at the master english pages.

DebianDay 2008 will be held on August, 14 at DUOC Valparaiso.Further information can be found here http://debianday.debianchile.cl


Address: Av. Brasil Esquina Rodriguez

Means of transport: Any taxi or bus going through Errazuriz avenue.


DebianChile <dd at debianchile dot cl> is the main organizer of the event. If you plan to attend the event just add yourself here http://debianday.debianchile.cl/registro/.


Still to be decided, visit http://debianday.debianchile.cl/e-shop

  • Tea cups
  • Some T-Shirts