Debian Day 2008 - Varna, Bulgaria

This page will be used to coordinate the DebianDay2008 celebration in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. It will most probably be celebrated on August 16, 2008.

The "Morski Vulk" ("Sea Wolf") pub

The first proposal for celebrating the Debian Day in Varna - the "Morski Vulk" pub - was brought up by Anton Katsarov in a message from 2008/07/23 to the Bulgarian Debian mailing list. This is a reasonable proposal, but...

The conflict with Aqualonia 2008

On August 15-17, Varna will (again) host the Aqualonia festival - an arts festival mostly dealing with the fantasy and science fiction in all types of arts and entertainment - literature, visual arts, movies, performance, computer games, etc. This might be a problem for the Debian Day celebration, because Saturday, August 16, will probably be the most "active" day of the festival, and at least I (Peter Pentchev) would prefer to somehow combine the Debian Day celebration with all the eating and drinking that the people attending Aqualonia will do in the evening :) Unfortunately, it is still not clear (and it will probably not be clear until the very day) *where* that eating and drinking will take place...

Postponing the Debian Day celebration for another day is also not quite convenient at least for me (Peter Pentchev), because I'm leaving for Sofia on August 17 :)