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Debian Control Center


In case of interest, mail DavidMorenoGarza.

What is Debian Control Center?

One of the biggest problems with new/desktop users of Linux is their capacity to configure a system, how to deal with proper stuff to have a installation working soon. Debian, being a distribution with high quality assurance standards and being completely free, let users freedom of usage, but probably a not very intuitive way to set it up. Because of the absence of a proper tool to do this, dcontrol project aims to fit this needs.

We need to provide good graphical user interface for configuration of already existing debconf infrastructure and use debconf where possible, only providing special code to configure stuff where debconfization is not possible.

The reason to create one from the scratch is to set up a complete native system with Debian, developed by and for Debian community.

dcontrol will use debconf as backend for configuration and implement its own parsers for anything not yet debconfinizated.

dcontrol thoughts


dcontrol suggestions

Refer to ConfigurationHandling and future plans on DebConf (archive requires registration)

How can I help?

Alioth Project

Over here: Feel free to bother David Moreno Garza with an email ( in order to add you.

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The Draft

A working draft is available at DcontrolDraft . Since it's a draft, anything can and will change. There are some questions left in the document, some things i probably forgot, just add any good ideas, ...