The Debian Contributor Project

See also for a listing of known Debian contributions and contributors that is kept up-to-date by automatically retrieving data from a number of sources.

Keeping Debian well organized as well as keeping track of all Debian contributions by Debian contributors is an important task. This wiki page is designed to do just that. All people who have contributed to Debian are asked to have their wiki page linked from here. Doing so and having documented contributions qualifies one to be a Debian Contributor. From these pages contributions, projects and teams around Debian will be linked and well organized work will follow.

Debian Contributors

In order to become a Debian Contributor you have to be able to have documented contributions listed on your wiki page. Any positive contributions to the Debian project will do. Don't feel you have to be an official developer to be listed, though all developers are encouraged to document their contributions here to stay well organized. For help on adding a wiki page please refer to FrontPage for details under section "How to edit this Wiki".

Please have documented on your wiki things such as:

List of Debian Contributors

Please post you wiki page here in alphabetical order: