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The [http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-bioc/ Alioth pkg-bioc] is working on a
reporitory for Debian packages
of the R libraries at BioConductor (http://www.bioconductor.org).
More information is found on the Wiki page to AliothPkgBioc.

The following steps are required to prepare all BioConductor packages:

 1. Get some Debian packages {{{
apt-get install libdbd-sqlite3-perl r-base-core r-base-dev
export PERL5LIB=$PERL5LIB:/usr/share/R/share/perl:.
mkdir changelogdb builds
 1. Checkout the tools module via CVS
 * Without account on alioth.debian.org{{{
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/pkg-bioc co tools
 * With account on alioth.debian.org{{{
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -d :ext:developername@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/pkg-bioc checkout tools
 1. Preparation
 * First run ever{{{
mkdir bioc && cd bioc && ln -s ../tools/cran2deb.pl ../tools/CRAN2DEB.pm .
 * Later runs{{{
   cd bioc
 1. Download
Well. This was long hampering progress since upstream somehoe
does not open the directory for access and hence inspection of the version number for wget to perform the download, much in contrast to CRAN. Also, there are different repositories for data, experiments and the computational libraries. Upstream provides a script to perform the automated installation, but this is not what we want. The following approach will deny access to hackers' heaven, but, I kind of liked it: {{{
if [ ! -d sources ]; then mkdir sources; fi
wget http://www.bioconductor.org/installScripts/$Rversion/biocinstall.R
sed -e 's/install.packages/download.packages/' -e 's/biocinstall/biocdownload/g' -e 's/dependencies=dependencies/destdir="sources"/' < biocinstall.R > biocdownload.R
echo 'biocdownload(group="lite")' >> biocdownload.R
R --no-save < biocdownload.R

 1. Compilation
   ./cran2deb bioc

=== Remaining issues ===
 * Compilation of experimental data and annotation packages not yet performed.
 * FTBFS (Fails To Build From Source)
   * stepNorm: cannot represent change to DESCRIPTION: binary file contents changed
   * GeneTraffic: requires SSOAP - is this free? Where?
   * ["aCGH"]: build error - need to investigate
   * prada: preparing package for lazy loading Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called 'prada'
   * rfcdmin: mysterious build error
   * ["RdbiPgSQL"]: needs environment variable for postgresql
   * ["iSPlot"]: dependency to ["RGtk"] (maybe I should try this one again)
   * twilight: cannot represent change to README: binary file contents changed
   * KEGGSOAP: SSOAP (>= 0.2), ["RCurl"] (>= 0.4)
   * gpls: cannot represent change to NAMESPACE: binary file contents changed, also: Error in parse(file, n, text, prompt) : syntax error on line 10

 * Needs metadata which is not yet available
   * annaffy
   * webbioc: needs annaffy which in turn needs metadata
   * ontoTools: needs Metadata
   * ecolitk
   * edd: needs golubEsets
   * goTools: needs meta data
   * geneplotter: needs metadata
   * makePlatformDesign: why didn't I take better notes, I forgot about this one

====== Currently outdated by newer versions ======
The [http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-bioc/ Alioth pkg-bioc] is preparing a repository for Debian packages for the BioConductor collection of R libraries.

Debian BioConductor archive

The [http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-bioc/ Alioth pkg-bioc] is preparing a repository for Debian packages for the ?BioConductor collection of R libraries.

Bits not removed from the Wiki (yet)

  • Software

       wget -r --reject css,txt,zip,pdf,html,htm -l 2 -N -nH \
  • Experiment Data
  • Annotation

       for p in \
         ${rooturl}["humanCHRLOC"].html \
         ${rooturl}["humanLLMappings"].html \
         ${rooturl}["ratCHRLOC"].html \
         ${rooturl}["ratLLMappings"].html \
         ${rooturl}["mouseCHRLOC"].html \
         ${rooturl}["mouseLLMappings"].html \
         ${rooturl}KEGG.html \
         ${rooturl}KEGGdb.html \
         ${rooturl}["ratCHRLOC"].html \
         ${rooturl}["ratLLMappings"].html \
         ${rooturl}GO.html \
         ${rooturl}GOdb.html \
         ${rooturl}PFAM.html \
     ; \
             wget -r --reject css,txt,pdf,html,htm,zip -l 1 -N -nH $p

Any suggestion on how to improve the download of a selected number of packages from the annotation packages are welcome.

  • For later runs only:

        (cd packages/bioc/devel/src/contrib/Source/ && deldoubles.pl)

The tool indicates packages that are outdated and should be removed.