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== Links ==

 * [[https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Special:Search/Artwork|DebConf artwork pages]]
 * [[DebianLogo|Debian and related logos]]

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(!) ?Discussion


We are using the DebianArt portal to select Debian specific artwork.

DebianArt is a place for high quality artwork and themes for the Debian Desktop. The idea is use the website for contests, creating an archive of user contributed artwork that can be freely used and included in upcoming Debian releases.

Link: http://www.debianart.org

Request Art

  1. Share some ideas on what you need. Indicate references, sizes and colors.
  2. Write your request on this page.


Create a Theme

  1. Read the requirements

  2. Create a wiki page with your proposal: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes

  3. Advertise on mailinglist debian-desktop
  4. Create a package deb (Structure Theme Package)

DebianArt.org TODO

  • ?Migration cchost to other framework (see openclipart.org)

    • Create a theme
    • Provide some preview of stuff like like icons, wallpapers, logo.
  • Create graphic materials for advertising
  • Create a Mascot Debian

SVN DebianArt


This SVN is to work on issues most complete and packaged for Debian. Also programs or extensions made by the community debian. Initially, the basic structure is:

  • themes/*name_theme*/*grub,usplash,gdm,kdm,xdm,wallpaper,splash*...
  • softwares/*apps,extension*/
  • docs/*