Desktop-base Bugfix #605732

This page shows images of Bug#605732 in the Debian package "desktop-base" and a possible solution.

The problem

Parts of the Grub2 menu are hard to read with the new Squeeze default theme.

This happens with the regular Grub2 background:

And the iso Grub2 background doesn't really fix this problem:

A possible solution

If this is OK with the author of Spacefun, Valessio Brito and the debian-desktop team, I made a fix for the problem.

* Some elements are smaller, so Grub2 messages do not flow into light elements of the background picture.

* I exchanged the swirl to Valessios graphical one, so the picture is more consistent with the rest of his artwork.

* The swirl is now located in the upper right corner, which gives more room for the grub "countdown".


To apply this fix, copy the files:

* spacefun-grub.png

* spacefun-grub-widescreen.png

into the folder

/usr/share/images/desktop-base/ in desktop-base_6.0.x_all.deb

The files:

* grub.svg

* grub-widescreen.svg

go into /desktop-base-6.0.2/source/spacefun/ in the source package desktop-base_6.0.x.tar.gz.

Additional files

I also created iso files:

* spacefun-grub-iso.png

* spacefun-grub-widescreen-iso.png

And PNGs in 1024x768px resolution:

* spacefun-grub_1024.png

* spacefun-grub-iso_1024.png

I hope this helps.