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Thanks for all your contributions. As Paul Tagliamonte, responsible for the desktop-base package put it: Thanks for [[DebianArt/Themes|all your contributions]]. As Paul Tagliamonte, responsible for the desktop-base package put it:


This page collects artwork proposals for Debian GNU/Linux. For more information see

Dear artists,

the artwork contest has been decided on June, 21st 2012. See this mail to learn more. Congratulations go to Adrien Aubourg whose excellent artwork "Joy" has been chosen to be the official theme in Debian GNU/Linux 7!

Thanks for all your contributions. As Paul Tagliamonte, responsible for the desktop-base package put it: "I'd like to thank everyone who submited artwork, and express how impressed I am with the artistic talent we have in Debian."

At the moment some of us are working on "Debian Theme Packages" to make it possible to easily get additional artwork themes into Debian. So the work of the other artists may still be of practical use for our community and our users. Please look here to see a first prototype. If you like to be included in one of these future packages, please mail to the Debian Desktop list.

Thanks again!

Proposals for Debian GNU/Linux 7 ("Wheezy")


RedSide - the artwork for debian wheeze in red color.


?FreeTypo - Use a real typography ("debian text") in themes.


SuperNovaDebian - A simple blue theme with a supernova light.


Roj - Minimalistic theme including the light element.


NiceIce - An idea for Wheezy theme.

?No picture done yet...

?IceSwirl - A proposal for a theme ice for debian aka 'Wheezy', made collaboratively with the experience of many stakeholders.


green7 - A proposal for a debian 7 theme, based on the number 7 as inspiration.


Jethro - Some wallpapers for the next debian release.


Music - A musical Debian.


debiamsk - Simple and elegant blue style.


growing - A proposal for a Debian 7 theme, based on the notion, that Debian is growing like a plant.


Redsmooth - theme with low contrast to be calm. Red here but the color can be changed easily.


7th Element - Minimalist and clean looking UI.


LightSpotsOnBlueIce - abstract, blue-ish, trying to fit in with the desktop environments.


Wheezy look - A proposal for Debian 7 Wheezy theme.


Ampolla - A proposal for Debian 7 Wheezy theme.


The Journey - Debian: A journey through space and time.


Elegance - A design to give Debian a clear and valueable look.

DebianArt/Themes/debian infographic

Debian Infographic - fun logo + fun face of name ;)


Joy - A full svg theme aiming to be light and simple but still attractive.


FlyingWheezy - Theme proposal "Fly high with Wheezy".


MagicWithin - Trying to show some magic from the Debian OS.


Wheezy7 - A (draft) theme for Debian 7 Wheezy. Low contrast and minimal.


penguinSpirit - The Toy Story character as a blue ghost carrying the Debian spiral on his forehead...


onFire - Wheezy on fire: a nice firish-blue combination...

  • Please feel free to add your own theme proposal here.

Previous proposals for Debian GNU/Linux 6 ("Squeeze")

  • Nightly - A romantic, nightly Theme.

  • SpaceFun - Debian + Squeeze = People, Alien, The Universal, Launch, Planets, Fun, Easy Packages, Security, Blue and Red.

  • MoreBlue2Red - Moreblue2red restoring the original identity of the spiral (color red), thus preserving the identity of the official Debian Distributions. An idea to highlight the blue sticker and below, a new Red as used in printing unofficial and adhesives.

  • Default - I can't think of a more appropriate name right now.

  • Debian LibStick - Red and Blues Debian Fluxbox styles. Two dark styles with dark blue font and light blue font for high contrast, and one light style.

  • Debian Ciel - A blue, bright Debian theme.

  • LISP Machine - A theme going back into the history of Free Software

  • SpaceMachine - A theme that combines elements of Spacefun and LISP machine

Draft for installable theme packages

Here you find some ideas for building .deb theme-packages. The topic has been more or less frequently discussed since 2008.