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 * [[http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/journey|The Journey (Version 2)]] - New version, cleaned and polished :-)  * [[http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/journey|The Journey]] - The wallpaper with the spacecraft.
 * [[http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/elegance|Elegance]] - A design with a clear and valueable look.


This page collects artwork proposals for Debian GNU/Linux. For more information see

Proposals for Debian GNU/Linux 6 ("Squeeze")

  • Nightly - A romantic, nightly Theme.

  • SpaceFun - Debian + Squeeze = People, Alien, The Universal, Launch, Planets, Fun, Easy Packages, Security, Blue and Red.

  • MoreBlue2Red - Moreblue2red restoring the original identity of the spiral (color red), thus preserving the identity of the official Debian Distributions. An idea to highlight the blue sticker and below, a new Red as used in printing unofficial and adhesives.

  • Default - I can't think of a more appropriate name right now.

  • Debian LibStick - Red and Blues Debian Fluxbox styles. Two dark styles with dark blue font and light blue font for high contrast, and one light style.

  • Debian Ciel - A blue, bright Debian theme.

  • LISP Machine - A theme going back into the history of Free Software

  • SpaceMachine - A theme that combines elements of Spacefun and LISP machine

Proposals for Debian GNU/Linux 7 ("Wheezy")

  • FreeTypo - Use a real typography ("debian text") in themes.

  • SuperNovaDebian - A simple blue theme with a supernova light.

  • Roj - Minimalistic theme including the light element.

  • NiceIce - An idea for Wheezy theme

  • Ice Swirl - A proposal for a theme ice for debian aka 'Wheezy', made collaboratively with the experience of many stakeholders.

  • green7 - A proposal for a debian 7 theme, based on the number 7 as inspiration.

  • Jethro's proposals - Some wallpapers for the next debian release.

  • Music - A musical Debian

  • debiamsk - Simple and elegant blue style.

  • growing - A proposal for a Debian 7 theme, based on the notion, that Debian is growing like a plant.

  • Redsmooth - theme with low contrast to be calm. Red here but the color can be changed easily.

  • 7th Element - Minimalist and clean looking UI.

  • LightSpotsOnBlueIce - abstract, blue-ish, trying to fit in with the desktop environments.

  • Wheezy look - Wheezy look - A proposal for Debian 7 Wheezy theme.

  • Ampolla - Ampolla - A proposal for Debian 7 Wheezy theme.

  • The Journey - The wallpaper with the spacecraft.

  • Elegance - A design with a clear and valueable look.

  • Debian Infographic - fun logo + fun face of name ;)

  • Joy - A full svg theme aiming to be light and simple but still attractive

  • FlyingWheezy - Theme proposal "Fly high with Wheezy"

  • MagicWithin - Trying to show some magic from the Debian OS.

  • Wheezy7 - A (draft) theme for Debian 7 Wheezy. Low contrast and minimal.

  • penguinSpirit - The Toy Story character as a blue ghost carrying the Debian spiral on his forehead...

  • Please feel free to add your own theme proposal here.

Draft for installable theme packages

Here you find some ideas for building .deb theme-packages. The topic has been more or less frequently discussed since 2008.