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||[[attachment:onfire-cd-cover.png|{{attachment:onfire-cd-cover.png|CD cover|width=500}}]]|| ||[[attachment:onfire-cd-cover-print.png|{{attachment:onfire-cd-cover.png|CD cover|width=500}}]]||


"wheezy on fire" is a late layout proposal for debain 7.

There is just one desktop background image cropped into different proportions and an addditional more minimalistic background to be disproportional scaled for all login screens and the GRUB background.

I did a small install image and CD cover and label as well.

This should cover all necessities.

I adapted Ulrich Hansen's souce files for his great proposal The Journey for my screen presantation files.



Screenshot Gnome

|| 5:4, 2560x2048 || 4:3, 2048x1536 || 16:10, 2560x1600

16:9, 1920x1080

Login Screen


Debian Installer


Installation window preview

Boot Screen


GRUB preview

Install CD cover

CD cover

I altered the text for the CD cover taken from Ulrichs proposal because I think most people wouldn't understand most of the technical detail on it. I have replaced some of it with less technical descriptions.

I claim that Debian is equipped with award winning applications. I have to admit, that I didn't check this promise, but would be very surprised if it wasn't true - at least for some flag ship applications.

Install CD label

CD label


Here are the SVG source files. (Because of all the bluring it takes a lot of time for the rendering - at least on my pc.):


I used Charis SIL and Alte Haas Grotesk for this Layouts.

Copyright information

Copyright: Franz Gratzer, Vienna, Austria 2012. Published under the terms of the of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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